Policies that everyone should know about:



There are only four circumstances that allow a vehicle to drive past the entry rope at the tennis courts – 1) You have a valid handicapped parking permit 2) You are a contractor or member that has equipment or a delivery (other than children) to make 3) You are a lifeguard, coach, or county referee reporting for your official shift  4) You have a broken or sprained leg or you’re nine months pregnant and expecting a baby at any moment. Please do not drive by when the ball is in play and please watch for people and drive very slowly.


Any member can invite a non-member guest to use the facilities at any time. However, there are limits to guests that live within a 1-1/2 mile radius of the club. These guests are considered prospective members.In order to prevent prospective members from abusing the guest policy and avoiding the cost of membership, they are allowed to use the facilities as a guest only two times per year. We ask all members to respect the spirit of this policy and not use the guest policy to give someone free repeated use of the club.


Tennis court rules and etiquette: (current through 2018) 


1. Tennis courts are to be used by Meadowgrove members and their guests for tennis only.  All guests playing tennis must be playing on the same court as their host member.  The only exception to this is usage by approved Non-Member “Practice Teams and/or League Teams” with current rental contract in place.

2. To avoid undue wear, no dogs, skateboards, or skates are allowed on the courts.

3. Players must observe proper tennis etiquette. No abusive language, physical threats, or physical force will be tolerated.

4. Reservations must be made via “reservemycourt.com.” A printed confirmation or smart phone confirmation will assure you of a court.  Only 1 court may be reserved at a time per membership

5. Please be on time for your reservation. There will be a 20 minute grace period after the start of the reservation. The court can then be reserved by another player.

6. Sign up duration will be for 2 hours or less, except for scheduled league matches. League matches may retain the signed-up court until the league match is completed.

7. When play is completed, players must clean up and turn off the lights.

8. Teams playing and/or practicing at Meadowgrove tennis courts must have a current “Team Registration/Contract” on file with the club.  All Non-Member Fees must be collected by the Team Captain and turned into the Treasurer (Meadowgrove Club Inc., Box 672461, Marietta GA 30006) prior to the first scheduled team practice with a complete team roster.

9. Non-members who participate on a Meadowgrove League Team or Practice Team are entitled to participate in one scheduled practice per week and home matches. Non-Members are NOT permitted to use the courts at other times outside of scheduled team practices and matches. 

10.  Any member (or non-member on a swim or tennis team) caught in violation of the rules will receive one official warning from the club president via email. Any additional violation of the rules within 12 weeks of the warning will likely result in a minimum one month suspension of using the club facilities with no refund. Suspensions are subject to a 2/3rds vote by the executive board up to a maximum of two months.



Events: Any member hosting 10 or more non-member guests at the pool is considered an event. This includes adults and children. That member must complete a rental request form whether they are using the clubhouse or not and pay a $70 security deposit. There is an event fee of $50 to use the pool and/or the clubhouse for all non-equity members up to 25 guests.The fee is $150 for events with over 25 guests. The rental request form has additional rules that must be followed including additional cost for lifeguards. Club Members should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for forms and to schedule the event.


We welcome non-members and organizations wishing to rent our clubhouse.  The Club's fee is $150 for up to four hours on a first-come first-served basis.  We also require a $100 security deposit.  Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for forms and to schedule the event.



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