2019 Sea Perch Summer Program

The national SeaPerch challenge was inspired by the rescue of the young lads of a Thai soccer team, who were exploring the cave when unexpected heavy rains came and flooded their way back out. The challenge involves building a submersible Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

This summer, club member Tom Tosh worked with students from nearby Brumby Elementary School to develop an entry, using the club swimming pool as a test tank for the ROV trials.

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2019 Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest / Ok! To beer fest!

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2019 September Campout

On this September evening we had a Family Campout  ..

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2019 Screen on the Green

As the evenings draw in we have movies by moonlight -- Screen on the Green -- Popcorn included.

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2019 Deer Guests ...

You never know who you will meet  ..

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2019 ALTA Team Championships

Congratulations to our Mixed Doubles B-5 Summer team for winning ALTA CITY FINALS, August 3, 2019.

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2019 July 4th

Always popular, our Independence Day fireworks event  ..

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2019 Season Opening / Memorial Day

Our seasonal kickoff and membership drive is Memorial Day weekend ..

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2018-2019 Renovations

It didn't used to look like this...

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2019 Chili Cookoff

In March, our Second Annual Meadowgrove Club Chilli Cookoff ..

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