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Jam Session
Tuesday 31 May 2022, 06:00pm - 09:00pm

A group of professional and semi-professional musicians ( acoustic guitar, banjo, keyboards, vocals, etc., ) will be using our clubhouse to rehearse and basically have a JAM SESSION. 

There can be at any time between 5 to 30 musicians there---and they would love any new musicians to join in and "jam" as well !!!

This is a semi-open event in that you can stroll on by and stop in and hear them ........ B.Y.O.B and just sit back and ENJOY the music.

However, a jam session is just like a PLAY REHEARSAL ----- NO TALKING. So, if you want to socialize with your friends, you can do that outside on the patio but you still need to keep it down and enjoy the music coming from inside.

But, NO TALKING IN THE CLUBHOUSE because that is where they are rehearsing. Now, if they talk with you, THAT is different, but please RESPECT their need for quiet as they rehearse.



Thank you, Sponsors and Volunteers!

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