This page lists the accomplishments of many of our club heroes who we call "Service Aces."

Club Beautification Project (Spring 2020)

Lorie and Stanton Lanier - Trimming and mulch spreading.

Sue and Tom Tham - Tennis court wind screen repairs; mulch moving & spreading.

Ramona Tater - Pool furniture pressure washing.

Richard Ehrman - Clubhouse kitchen electrical repairs.

Julie and TJ Kucera - Clubhouse cleaning and pressure washing.

Gary Kucera and Norm Andrews - Added weed barrier to mulch beds along driveway.

Justin Eastman and Mila Miled – Pressure washed tennis courts 3-4.

Laura Thwaite and son - Mulch and Dirt moving.

Barbara Delano - Pressure washing.

Sue Tyrlick - Mulch spreading.

Jason Pettit - Built new shed, cornhole courts, installed new men's bathroom flooring.

Chandler Pettit (Jason's grandson) helped repair picnic tables, build cornhole courts, and move & spread mulch.

Tom Tosh - Electrical repairs and upgrades.

Eric Decker - Mulch moving & spreading, and club communications for event.

Joshua and Brionna (last name?) - non-members who helped move & rake dirt.

Eva Johnson - Helped w/several projects, including pressure washing & scrubbed clubhouse floor.

Zach Johnson - Project Leader involved in ALL of the above, AND MUCH MORE!


Adam Orbrentz for leading a team to beautifully repair the concrete walkway near the Clubhouse (Spring 2018).

Kirsten "KT" McClellan for keeping all of our Club's Committees pulling together, always keeping us excited about the Club, and getting us out there to spread the word.  

Julie Kucera and Zach Johnson are constant sources of inspiration and encouragement! Julie has been instrumental in several tremendous community-outreach and funding projects. She also put together an awesome Chili-Cookoff that received glowing reviews. Among many, many things he does, Zach has been managing the replacement of our pool's edging tiles. 

(many more "heroes" to follow...) 

Thank you, Sponsors and Volunteers!

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