The Stratford / Grove Meade / Hyde Park Homeowners' Association is an entirely separate entity from the Meadowgrove Club. However, we love having the HOA manage the neighborhood entrances and the buffer zone, and we work with them to put on special events during the year.

If you are interested in joining the HOA, check out their website for more information.








Thank you, Sponsors and Volunteers!

Donations & Payments

You may use PayPal to make a donation to the club or, to send in your payment for facility usage.

Point your smartphone camera at the code below to use your PayPal app, or click this link:

Please enter the Amount and in the Notes the reason for your payment.
Meadowgrove PayPal QR Code
  • If you choose to use this for an agreed facility usage payment then you must add on a 3.75% PayPal service fee to the agreed amount (or pay by check).
  • We appreciate donations in any amount.
  • Do not use this for membership payments - please use the appropriate Sign-up, Renew or Upgrade link in the Membership Section.